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Window Project

Window ProjectIndividuality – we are all unique aren't we? We are made of the same basic matter. All cut from the same cloth (or paper, if you will) but we are all drastically different, each beautiful in our own way as fashioned by our creator. Someone who is "behind the scenes", yet in all actuality, is EVERYWHERE. This is especially evident when you take in the individual pieces that are all around. Where did they all come from? They came from a warm and loving place. The heart of the creator...

This window was commissioned in September by the Arts Council of Indianapolis. Current location is 100 N. Pennsylvania on the east side of the Chase Tower in downtown Indianapolis (see map below). The picture to the right is merely an illustration! Please stop by and see it for yourself! If you wish to look at individual flakes or even purchase them, please visit my Gallery Section!

Downtown Area Map:

map to Window Project