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About Me (Ryan Hoffar)

I was born and raised in Plainfield, Indiana and reside on the west side of Indianapolis. Ever since I can remember, I've been making things. It started with doodles on paper, building cars with legos, making functional protective carrying cases for my Nintendo. You know, the normal kid stuff. In college I moved on to computers and the graphics arts field. I always scheduled a few fine arts classes a semester. I considered those classes a break from my workload of prerequisites and required courses. I graduated with a BA in Graphic Design. I have been working in the Graphics field for 10 years but still find time to sustain my inner creator with little (and some big) projects.
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I started making "Flakes" about 5 years ago. Everyone remembers the time in kindergarten when you were told to fold the paper square in half and then in half again. Then just take your safety scissors and cut out some shapes. Then unfold it and TADA! A Snowflake! Sort of anyway. That was pretty good for back then but I knew there was more to it. For one, I know that nature's flakes have 6 sides not 4. I figured out how to fold the paper to end up 6 sides (and 3 or 5 sides). Cutting through all that paper with scissors is difficult, not to mention messy, so I switched to a razor. It is a strange craft in that you have a concept in your mind at the beginning and the final thing isn't revealed at all until the very end when you unfold it. I love every part of the final piece. The symmetry, the angles, the complexity: (or in some cases, the simplicity) it's always a wonder to me.

Perhaps you had a concept or theme you would like to see in flake? I can make a custom flake for you according your ideas. Just tell me what you'd like!